Saturday, September 22, 2012

"I WILL have you..." by Melora

She whispers, "Link... I will have you."

I wanted to post something to start us off! I LOVED working on this, I hope you all like it too.
It was an art for doujinshi and comics commission/trade. This one for Chechi and her sister Kitty, someone who's very dear to me from my old forums!

It was simply requested that I draw Link x True-form Midna. I know I made Link lankier and taller than he is in Twilight Princess. Sorry -it's about as Mary Sue as I'll get- but I simply had to do it: I've totally had a crush on Link since 1987. So, as much as I wanted to stick to more of his game art or CG model, I couldn't help it, I had to draw him more my kind of hot. I got a kick out of it when my little sister came over (my best critic & not really a gamer) and when I asked her what she thought, she simply said, "I'd push him over too" X)

I had started this with them drawn at a harsher angle, but it was out of my skill range to get Midna's face right, at the slant I had it, so I decided to throw that out and have it so more of her face showed. A little less dynamic, but she looks A LOT better. (I used a jointed Mulan doll and an old Volk's Neo-Guy to pose them.) I also know that this isn't perfect: His arm is kinda long, her leg is kind of in a weird position, I think they look a little stiff, her hands are sloppy, the chain mail (I hate drawing chain mail, I'd rather draw fish-scale) looks like macaroni, etc... It's also not as refined as I could have gotten it: I'm just trying to get faster.

And here's a version with a neutral background, in case the hot pink is killing your eyes.

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