Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Short Story by Queenie

Consensual Softcore, LinkxZelda, NSFW? There's no pictures though, so you know- hardly anyone would notice if you read it on the job ;)

Written by Queenie, check out her other fics here!

To find it, read on below the cut!


Though it was true that adversity had brought them closer together, it was that very closeness which made even the most temporary of partings so unbearable. The very nature of Link and Zelda’s positions as leaders of their new surface village made such partings inevitable, especially on Link’s part, though that reality was a pill not easily swallowed by a pair whose battle scars from journeys past had not yet completely healed. The possibility of losing each other was still very fresh on their minds, and it loomed over each of them like a black shadow, enveloping them in fear and anguish whenever it managed to resurface.

For Link, particularly, each night without Zelda by his side was a return to those dark days when he didn’t know where she was or even if she was still alive. Though this had not been the first weeks-long journey he would have had to take, the dread he felt never abated, and on the long, sleepless night before he was set to leave, he begged his Zelda for something he could take with him; a memory that could assuage his fears and banish his loneliness on the road ahead. Wanting very much the same thing, she obliged him.

The young hero had grown into a gentle yet spirited lover; that spirit, however, seemed absent this time. He slid weakened hands from Zelda’s shoulders to her chest, lingering his mouth on her neck. He took his time, attempting to drink in as much of her as he possibly could before their separation. Slowly, he trailed kisses down to her collarbones, the top of her breasts, and finally to a nipple, where he sucked lazily, taking the neglected breast in his left hand. Zelda sighed in pleasure, though seeing her husband act so desperately dampened much of the joy that should have come out of such acts. She laced her hands gently over the back of his head, comforting him as he tried to leave an impression of her in his mind.

He lowered his hands and grabbed her waist, helping her rise slightly off of her knees, and buried his face in the skin of her stomach. Dragging his fingers across her hips, her thighs, and her rear, he breathed in deeply between kisses. At some point, Zelda heard him choke out her name, and she took a hold of his face, whispering encouragements and leaving a lingering kiss on top of his head. She repositioned herself, grinding her nude form against his, eager to make him forget the fears and worries building within him.

Link clenched his eyes shut, groaning; he too sought to forget his feelings, at least for a short moment. Reaching between them with his right hand, he fumbled to guide himself inside of her, letting out a deep sigh as he did so. Zelda took this opportunity to move, slowly and evenly as to draw out the moment for the both of them. Eventually, though, this proved not enough; his nails digging into the skin of her hips, he guided her into a faster pace, crying out when he came. He breathed heavily, letting go of her hips and cursing himself for not allowing Zelda her chance to climax.

Zelda, however, paid it little mind. She shushed his multiple apologies, hugging him tightly. Silence filled the dark bedroom for a moment, until Link finally relaxed and returned her embrace.

“I’m going to miss you,” he muttered, “so much.”

“I know,” she replied, running her fingers through his matted blond hair, “I know.”

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