Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"What will you do now?" by MonkeyKaos

This is Link's answer to that!

"Fluffy Stuff" should really be the PG tag, because it's perfect and adorable. Just like this! What a sweet kiss! It's like they've longed for nothing more!

"Stamina" by Rain

Ha! So, that's what else that meter is for!

NSFW, consensual, Link x Zelda, Skyward Sword. Thanks for sending this in Rain!

The text reads something like: "Oh? Can't take it already?"

Click the image or find it below the cut:

"Unto Us a Child is Born" by Warami

I'll say NSFW to be on the safer side, but it's really  fairly modest and nudity is covered. The tag I gave it almost seems too strong. 

Very adorable Link x Zelda romance/life story about having a baby named Saria. Translated, once again, by the amazing JooiheikaClick here or on the picture to read the full thing!

Here's the link to Warami's original Japanese version.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"This Kind of Ghiralink is Fun"

 NSFW: Consensual, a little more than soft-core. Ghirahim x Link 2 panel comic, translated by Joouheika!

Click on it to go to the full image!

Anyone know the original artist's site might have moved to? They go by カナイ

You don't say...

Art Feature: Late Night Loving by Collab

 NSFW, soft core, consensual.

A cute little collab done by EsaKris and GreenForestWolf64

Click the picture and check out the full thing!

A Short Story by Queenie

Consensual Softcore, LinkxZelda, NSFW? There's no pictures though, so you know- hardly anyone would notice if you read it on the job ;)

Written by Queenie, check out her other fics here!

To find it, read on below the cut!

"Goodbye" by Feri-san

Dwaa! Sad Link! Feri-san, damn!~ You even got me to read a fan-fic!

Inspired by this short but awesome bit of smuty-smut: "NSFW"-Fic, Link x Zelda, soft-core consensual:

Original link for the piece:

And check out Feri-san's other sites:

"Release" by MonkeyKaos

The artist said it best, "These two would have made such an amazing couple...if only Midna didn't smash the GOD DAMN MIRROR."

I'm seriously loving that hair! And hottie-Link! Here's the link to it on DA.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"An End to Nightmares" by The Missing Link

This is one of my  favorite fanfics of all time! It's incredibly touching, please do yourself a favor and read it. Find it below the jump.

An End to Nightmares by The Missing Link
For: Cyen in the Zelda Exchange; also inspired by and for Melora
Medium: Short story
Game: Link's Awakening
Character/Pairing: Link, Marin, and that darn owl
Rating: ESRB T
Warnings: None

The island of Koholint is a mysterious and dark place. As if a shipwreck wasn't bad luck enough, what should have then been a perfect paradise getaway has turned into a literal nightmare. With a force of evil growing deep within the belly of the mountain worsening with each passing day, those able bodies with the strength to fight lay paralyzed by its spell of hopelessness. When Link finds a way to push back the veil of darkness, he begins his quest to free the islanders. Yet at what cost?

Creator's Notes:
Melora was the inspiration for this story; she wanted a fanfic that had something to do with Link's Awakening and specifically Link and Marin... and possibly something that she might be able to make into a comic at some point later down the pike. With no other guidance for a story, I started to work, but it wasn't ridiculously long before I came up with this idea. In fact, the scene in Link's cottage came to me surprisingly quickly, and from there I was able to weave the rest of the story. When the Exchange came around, I figured it would be a good excuse to get off my butt and get to writing one of the many plot bunnies that had been queued up, and this one fit perfectly with my interest of the moment. A huge thank you to Cyen for taking up the honors to receive this one. :)

Find it below the jump:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

18+ Doujinshi: "Quite erotic, not that erotic, a bit erotic Zelda"

NSFW: This is a very romantic doujinshi, it only features consensual sex. 18+ only.

I can not thank Joouheika, aka: fujiappletan enough for scanning, translating, and editing this doujinshi: as well as for allowing me to post this here. It's seriously one of my favorite Zelda doujinshi. There needs to be more "cute porn" for the Zelda series.

Language Posted: English (read Japanese-style, right to left, though)
Title: "Quite erotic, not that erotic, a bit erotic Zelda" エロそうで、エロじゃない、少しエロいゼルダ
Artist: yamaguchirow | shinji yamaguchi
First Published Date: 2011/12/29
Approx Length: 12 pages

It features mostly Zelda and Link from Skyward Sword

Scanned, translated and edited by: Joouheika, aka: fujiappletan
Originally posted here:

Full Pages below the jump:

"I WILL have you..." by Melora

She whispers, "Link... I will have you."

I wanted to post something to start us off! I LOVED working on this, I hope you all like it too.
It was an art for doujinshi and comics commission/trade. This one for Chechi and her sister Kitty, someone who's very dear to me from my old forums!

It was simply requested that I draw Link x True-form Midna. I know I made Link lankier and taller than he is in Twilight Princess. Sorry -it's about as Mary Sue as I'll get- but I simply had to do it: I've totally had a crush on Link since 1987. So, as much as I wanted to stick to more of his game art or CG model, I couldn't help it, I had to draw him more my kind of hot. I got a kick out of it when my little sister came over (my best critic & not really a gamer) and when I asked her what she thought, she simply said, "I'd push him over too" X)

I had started this with them drawn at a harsher angle, but it was out of my skill range to get Midna's face right, at the slant I had it, so I decided to throw that out and have it so more of her face showed. A little less dynamic, but she looks A LOT better. (I used a jointed Mulan doll and an old Volk's Neo-Guy to pose them.) I also know that this isn't perfect: His arm is kinda long, her leg is kind of in a weird position, I think they look a little stiff, her hands are sloppy, the chain mail (I hate drawing chain mail, I'd rather draw fish-scale) looks like macaroni, etc... It's also not as refined as I could have gotten it: I'm just trying to get faster.

Welcome to Zelda Smut!

This blog will be hosting Legend of Zelda fanart, comics, and fanfics that are mature in nature. I'd also like to use it to promote more Zelda fanwork that is romantic, or lustful, in a mutually consensual way.

Please check out the FAQs to learn more about us, how to submit work and what kind of work we will post, as well as what is expected of commenters.

We also need content! If you have some awesomely smutty LoZ fanwork, (or even just cute romantic fanwork) please let us post it! You can leave a link to it in the comments below, or mail it to me at Please read the FAQ first to see what is acceptable. We're also looking for some relevant links to add to our list. You can help us with that too!